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Engagement Rings

561 Designs
Solitaire Rings 18 Karat Yellow Gold Forevermore Solitaire Ring

₹38,369 ₹43,004

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Diamond Rings 14 Karat Yellow Gold Mesh Cluster Diamond Ring

₹18,789 ₹19,778

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Diamond Rings 14 Karat Two Tone Gold Swivel Mesh Diamond Ring

₹25,898 ₹26,607

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Diamond Rings 14 Karat Yellow Gold Chevron Mesh Diamond Ring

₹19,462 ₹20,838

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Diamond Rings 18 Karat Yellow Gold Lavinia Enhanced Shine Diamond Ring

₹36,352 ₹38,799

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Diamond Rings 18 Karat Yellow Gold Ripple Dazzle Diamond Ring

₹52,777 ₹56,070

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Diamond,Gemstone Rings 18 Karat Yellow Gold Riveria Elegant Gemstone Ring

₹31,091 ₹33,130

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Diamond Rings 18 Karat White Gold Euros Diamond Ring for Men

₹63,844 ₹69,962

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Diamond Rings 18 Karat Yellow Gold Emily Diamond Crush Ring

₹18,549 ₹19,526

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Diamond Rings 18 Karat Yellow Gold Adny Diamond Ring For Men

₹36,665 ₹39,887

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Diamond Rings 18 Karat Yellow Gold Carol Seven Stone Diamond Ring

₹40,424 ₹42,668

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Platinum Rings Platinum 950 Platinum Napoleon Platinum Band for Men

₹28,174 ₹29,359

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Engagement Rings 1
Diamond Rings 18 Karat Yellow Gold Elen Cluster Diamond Ring

₹41,847 ₹45,717

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Diamond Rings 18 Karat Yellow Gold Ceylia Joyous Diamond Ring

₹30,725 ₹34,501

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Diamond Rings 18 Karat White Gold Isabella Halo Diamond Ring

₹28,919 ₹31,571

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Diamond Rings 18 Karat Rose Gold Radiating Diamond Bridal Ring Set

₹81,221 ₹86,727

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Engagement rings- perfect proposal
Diamond Rings 18 Karat Yellow Gold Glitter Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

₹19,354 ₹20,945

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Solitaire Rings 18 Karat White Gold Lustre Solitaire Ring

₹72,621 ₹78,403

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Diamond Rings 18 Karat White Gold Solo Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

₹18,437 ₹20,486

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Diamond Rings 18 Karat White Gold Emily Halo Diamond Ring

₹42,927 ₹47,378

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Know More about CaratLane

Frequently Asked Questions - Engagement Rings

1) Will the band on my engagement ring have sharp edges?

No, none of the ring bands have sharp edges especially not engagement rings. We ensure that all our products are finished to perfection and under no circumstances hurt the wearer.

2) How can I check what engagement ring size will suit my fiancee?

To know your or your partner's ring size, all you must do is go on the page of the ring you like and select the option "My Ring Size?' Once you click here, you will be shown three option:

  • Measure Online
  • Request Ring Sizer
  • Print Ring Sizer

You can choose the option that suits you the best from these three and easily determine the accurate ring size for your use.

3) Is the ring size in local market the same as the one provided by CaratLane?

Yes, they are pretty much the same size.

4) Are the engagement rings easy to clean?

Most rings can be easily cleaned with a soft brush and warm water, but this might depend on the design of your engagement ring . If your ring has an intricate design and pattern, then you might have to get bring it to the CaratLane store and get in cleaned properly.

5) What is the thickness and width of an engagement ring?

There is no set thickness and width if an engagement ring. These change from pattern to pattern and are often very different from one and other.

6) Can I re-size my engagement ring?

Yes, any ring can easily be resized to two sizes up or two sizes down. But, sometime, the design of a ring might not permit for it to be resized. Therefore, it is best to confirm this before making the purchase.

7) Are the engagement rings shown on the CaratLane site hollow?

Most of our rings are made of full metal. Though some of the designs have patterns that are enhanced by hollow bands. To confirm the details of any product, you can call our customer care center or chat with the representatives on the website.

8) Can an engagement ring be made in the weight I wish?

Yes, we can try to make the engagement ring in the weight you need. The budget for the ring might get altered depending on the weight requested by you. Though, some designs might not permit us to make heavy alterations.

9) Can we have engraving done on the engagement ring?

Yes, this can easily be done in the cases where the design permits.

10) How are the engagement rings sold - complete or custom built?

All the rings sold are complete. But we also offer our customers the option of customization whereby minor changes can be made to the design if they have a specific requirement in mind. It is best to talk to our customer care team if you would like to have a ring altered to your wish.

11) As the engagement ring is worn on daily basis, what would your advice be for the cleaning and the care taking of the ring?

The few tips that we would like to share are:

    • Try to not expose your ring to household cleaning products.
    • Do not expose the ring to any chemicals.
    • Have white gold re-plated, platinum re-polished and prongs re-tipped as necessary to maintain original condition. This must be done every 24 months or so.
    • While you pick, go for daily wear jewellery that is in harmony with your lifestyle and in tandem with the schedule of your daily activities.
    • Be careful with light and heat. Do not overexpose the ring to either of these.
    • Check with the service team on our 'Jewellery Care Guide'. This will help you take perfect care of your ring.

12) I want to buy a solitaire engagement ring. What are the different kinds of diamond cuts I can choose from?

While solitaires come in numerous shapes and sizes, the one that is present in almost all weddings is - round. Other cuts include the Princess cut, the marquise, the asscher, the cushion and the emerald cut. These make for great highlight stones for engagement rings.

13) Will the diamonds on my engagement ring be certified?

Yes, all diamonds provided by us come with a certification from a reputed lab.

14) I want to buy a solitaire engagement ring but I don't know much about solitaires. Could you help?

We would recommend that you start by familiarizing yourself with the four Cs - cut, colour, clarity and carat. These all must be considered equally when comparing diamonds.

Rings of promises and togetherness

The Birth of a Custom: How was the first Engagement Ring exchanged

In today's day and age, engagement rings are a norm. Before every marriage, the couple to-be dutifully exchange Rings to mark the beginning of their togetherness. But, there was a time when this custom was not a standard affair. And how it all began, is in fact a far more interesting tale than you'd imagine.

It was in the year 1215 that Pope Innocent III, one of the most powerful popes of the middle ages, declared that there must be a waiting period between betrothal and the marriage ceremony. To test the commitment of the couple, rings were exchanged that stood testimony to the promise. This was also the time when a mandate was declared by the Roman government which stated that all weddings ceremonies be held in the church alone and nowhere else.

During that time, while serving as symbols of the intention to marry, these rings also served as the early statements of social ranks. So much so that only the elite were permitted to wear ornate rings with jewels.

Engagement with a Diamond

Once engagement rings became a norm, their embellishments took center stage and were the point of discussion among the couples and their families. And that is how the diamond engagement rings came about.

In the year 1477, the Archduke of Maximilian of Austria proposed marriage to Mary of Burgundy and commissioned the making of the very first Diamond Engagement Ring. This was a time when diamonds were a rarity and not as easily available as they are today. Which is why they were saved for the use of the royalty and the elite only.

The making of this ring soon ignited the interest of the elite and sparked the trend of diamond rings for engagement among European aristocracy and nobility.

The Exchange of Rings: From Women to Men

As time went by, there was another major landmark change in the evolution of engagement ring trends. It has been noted that there came a time when women started giving the men engagement rings as well and this brought on the trend of engagement rings for couples that we see today.

This change started with the advent of the World War II. In 1939, when the Second World War began, many young men started to leave their wives, girlfriends and fiancee behind as they headed for the war. This caused the couple to exercise the exchange of men's engagement rings in the ceremony which soon became a widespread practice in the United States. This way now, both the men and the women would get to wear a souvenir of their wedding promise on their hand giving way to the famous trend of the couple engagement rings.

Types of Engagement Rings and their Symbolism

Today, we have come a long way from the year 1939 and engagement rings hold a completely different meaning in our lives. Personalized to suit the needs of the young couple, there is absolutely no dearth of engagement rings designs in the market today. Let's look at some of the most loved engagement rings styles and their symbolism.

Gold and Platinum Bands

Symbolic Significance: Being circles of metal, engagement rings bands are known to represent the eternity. With no beginning and no end, these bands stand for renewal, wholeness and perfection. Also said to represent the various planets that come together to make life possible on Earth, the gold and the platinum engagement rings come together to bring the soon to be married bride and groom together.

Best Suited For: The gold and platinum bands are best suited for the couple who like to keep it low-key and don't prefer to go over the top with their wedding ring. Just a hint of elegance is all that's needed for this millennial couple.

Engraved Engagement Ring

Symbolic Significance: Some believe that engraving an engagement ring adds a touch of intimacy and uniqueness to the ring. This then in turn helps create a stronger bond between the couple as the ring has been personalized as per their own preference.

Best Suited For: This ring is best suited for a couple who shares a unique message that has made their relationship possible. Be it a gold engagement ring or a platinum one, an engraved ring is very dear to the couple as it holds the secret of their togetherness.

Gemstone Engagement Ring

Symbolic Significance: A way to add a personal touch along with a dash of colour, the gemstone engagements rings are often products of customization. When a person wants a gemstone in their engagements ring, it ideally means that the stone is either their birthstone or valued due to other personal reasons. Keeping this is mind, a gemstone ring automatically becomes very close to the wearer.

Best Suited For: This ring would be best suited for couples who believe in the power of the stones and want to use their engagement ring as a means to get their favorite stone on the ring.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Symbolic Significance: The three-stone ring has a deep significance as it represents the three phases in a couple's life - namely the past, present and the future. Available in varied shapes, this ring represents the forever promise in the form of jewellery.

Best Suited For: This ring is best suited for couples who have seen their bond mature over the years and then decided to take the leap. A great representative of a lifetime association, this ring is perfect for the couple that believes they have found their soulmates.

The Solitaire Engagement Ring:

Symbolic Significance: A solitaire engagement ring is the most preferred choice of engagement ring for women today. This ring has one big solitaire dominating in the center of the ring. Known as a symbol of lasting love and fidelity, a solitaire ring stands for timelessness and eternity.

Best Suited For: This ring is best suited for the ones who want to make a statement and wear it on their finger. Perfect for the people who love to go bold, the Solitaire Engagement Ring is a classic that just never goes out of fashion.

And with that, we have covered the most trending styles in engagement rings for men and engagement rings for women! At CaratLane, the engagement rings start from Rs. 11,597. Discover our extensive range of Platinum, Diamond, Gemstone and Solitaire engagement rings or visit any of our stores to buy some of the most contemporary engagements rings in India.

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